Following the February 19, 2024 effective date of the new citywide zoning map and regulations, the Planning & Zoning Commission (“Commission”) recently approved various modifications to the regulations and anticipates similar adjustments in upcoming months. Earlier in April, the Commission adopted changes to the encroachment table to prevent decks from encroaching into setbacks but continuing to allow a two (2’) intrusion into any setback for chimney flues, sills, belt courses, cornices, buttresses, eaves and other architectural features. Mechanical equipment, including HVAC, may now project two (2’) into side and rear yards. In addition, the Commission also deleted the definition of outdoor storage and added maximum ceiling heights for buildings in the industrial zones, specifically in the SD-LI and SD-HI zones.

The zoning staff and Commission will continue to review the new regulations and are expected to undertake other changes to address inconsistencies, conflicts and issues as they emerge. A public session is also likely to be held in the fall of 2024 to gather insights and comments on the new regulations.

Following months of public discourse, the Commission adopted the new zoning map and regulations in December 2023, marking the first comprehensive city-wide zoning rewrite in 40 years.

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