Carmody Torrance Sandak & Hennessey has received more than 90 accolades across over 30 areas of law and across all its offices in Connecticut, in the 30th edition of The Best Lawyers in America® 2024.

Forty-two Carmody lawyers are named to the ‘Best Lawyers’ list and ten lawyers are listed as ‘Ones to Watch’, covering a vast range of practice areas including Litigation, Intellectual Property, Mediation, Medical Malpractice, Corporate Law, Real Estate & Land Use, Environmental Law, Labor & Employment, Construction Law, Trusts & Estates and Personal Injury.

Litigation partner David T. Grudberg has also been named by Best Lawyers as ‘Lawyer of the Year’ for New Haven: Criminal Defense – White Collar, and DUI/DWI Defense. David handles a broad range of complex criminal and civil matters – at trial, on appeal, and in connection with government investigations. His white-collar criminal and regulatory experience includes work in the areas of tax fraud, healthcare fraud, government contractor fraud, securities fraud, money laundering and structuring, ITAR and other export violations, public corruption, False Claims Act, environmental violations and RICO. David’s business litigation focuses on issues of breach of fiduciary duty, unfair competition, trade secrets, and covenants not to compete. David also has extensive criminal experience in the state courts. The full list of accolades is detailed below.

Best Lawyers 2024

Lawyer NameSpecialtyLocation
Jay H. SandakArbitrationStamford, CT
James K. Robertson, Jr.ArbitrationWaterbury, CT
David T. GrudbergCommercial LitigationNew Haven, CT
David HardyCommercial LitigationNew Haven, CT
Howard LevineCommercial LitigationNew Haven, CT
Christopher RooneyCommercial LitigationNew Haven, CT
Thomas J. SansoneCommercial LitigationNew Haven, CT
Gary S. KleinCommercial LitigationStamford, CT
Jay H. SandakCommercial LitigationStamford, CT
Timothy SmithCommercial LitigationStamford, CT
Maureen CoxCommercial LitigationWaterbury, CT
James K. Robertson, Jr.Commercial LitigationWaterbury, CT
Ann RubinCommercial LitigationWaterbury, CT
Richard L. StreetCommercial LitigationWaterbury, CT
Richard L. StreetConstruction LawWaterbury, CT
Michael P. SweeneyCorporate LawStamford, CT
David T. GrudbergCriminal Defense: General PracticeNew Haven, CT
David T. GrudbergCriminal Defense: White-CollarNew Haven, CT
David T. GrudbergDUI / DWI DefenseNew Haven, CT
Matthew R. PetersonElder LawNew Haven, CT
Howard LevineEmployment Law – ManagementNew Haven, CT
Giovanna Tiberii WellerEmployment Law – ManagementNew Haven, CT
Vincent FariselloEmployment Law – ManagementWaterbury, CT
Domenico ZainoEmployment Law – ManagementWaterbury, CT
Joseph DornfriedEnergy LawNew Haven, CT
Brian T. HenebryEnergy LawWaterbury, CT
Stephen J. ConoverEthics and Professional Responsibility LawStamford, CT
Ann H. ZuckerHealth Care LawStamford, CT
Lauren M. HopwoodImmigration LawNew Haven, CT
Peter M. NolinInsurance LawStamford, CT
Howard LevineLabor Law – ManagementNew Haven, CT
Giovanna Tiberii WellerLabor Law – ManagementNew Haven, CT
Gregg T. BurtonLand Use and Zoning LawNew Haven, CT
Meaghan MilesLand Use and Zoning LawNew Haven, CT
Lisa L. FeinbergLand Use and Zoning LawStamford, CT
Patrick J. HannaLand Use and Zoning LawStamford, CT
William J. Hennessey Jr.Land Use and Zoning LawStamford, CT
Peter M. NolinLand Use and Zoning LawStamford, CT
Elizabeth SuchyLand Use and Zoning LawStamford, CT
John Horvack, Jr.Litigation – Intellectual PropertyNew Haven, CT
Fatima LahninLitigation – Intellectual PropertyNew Haven, CT
James K. Robertson, Jr.Litigation – Intellectual PropertyWaterbury, CT
Giovanna Tiberii WellerLitigation – Labor and EmploymentNew Haven, CT
Jacqueline KaufmanLitigation – Land Use and ZoningStamford, CT
Elizabeth SuchyLitigation – Land Use and ZoningStamford, CT
John Horvack, Jr.Litigation – PatentNew Haven, CT
Patrick J. HannaLitigation – Real EstateStamford, CT
Marc J. KurzmanLitigation – Real EstateStamford, CT
Matthew R. PetersonLitigation – Trusts and EstatesNew Haven, CT
William J. Hennessey Jr.Litigation – Trusts and EstatesStamford, CT
Stephen J. ConoverMediationStamford, CT
Jay H. SandakMediationStamford, CT
Trudie R. HamiltonMedical Malpractice Law – DefendantsWaterbury, CT
Benjamin PomerantzMedical Malpractice Law – PlaintiffsStamford, CT
Jennifer CalcagniPatent LawNew Haven, CT
Michael G. DurhamPersonal Injury Litigation – DefendantsGuilford, CT
Patrick M. NoonanPersonal Injury Litigation – DefendantsGuilford, CT
Trudie R. HamiltonPersonal Injury Litigation – DefendantsWaterbury, CT
Patrick M. NoonanPersonal Injury Litigation – PlaintiffsGuilford, CT
Kevin GrecoPersonal Injury Litigation – PlaintiffsStamford, CT
Trudie R. HamiltonPersonal Injury Litigation – PlaintiffsWaterbury, CT
William M. O’DonnellPersonal Injury Litigation – PlaintiffsWaterbury, CT
Gregg T. BurtonReal Estate LawNew Haven, CT
Meaghan MilesReal Estate LawNew Haven, CT
Carolyn J. CavoloReal Estate LawStamford, CT
Lisa L. FeinbergReal Estate LawStamford, CT
Patrick J. HannaReal Estate LawStamford, CT
William J. Hennessey Jr.Real Estate LawStamford, CT
Jacqueline KaufmanReal Estate LawStamford, CT
Gary S. KleinReal Estate LawStamford, CT
Michael P. SweeneyReal Estate LawStamford, CT
Matthew R. PetersonTrusts and EstatesNew Haven, CT
Michael J. ReardonTrusts and EstatesWaterbury, CT
Kevin GrecoWorkers’ Compensation Law – ClaimantsStamford, CT
William M. O’DonnellWorkers’ Compensation Law – EmployersWaterbury, CT

Ones to Watch 2024

Lawyer NameSpecialtyLocation
Lindsay T. ReedCommercial LitigationStamford, CT
Douglas A. BalkoCommercial LitigationWaterbury, CT
Kevin PalumberiCorporate Governance and Compliance LawStamford, CT
Stephanie E. CummingsCorporate LawWaterbury, CT
Deborah BrancatoEnvironmental LawStamford, CT
Damian K. GunningsmithIntellectual Property LawNew Haven, CT
Jason A. KleinLand Use and Zoning LawStamford, CT
Damian K. GunningsmithLitigation – Intellectual PropertyNew Haven, CT
Kevin PalumberiNonprofit / Charities LawStamford, CT
Bridget D’AngeloReal Estate LawNew Haven, CT
Deborah BrancatoReal Estate LawStamford, CT
Jeffrey HouleReal Estate LawStamford, CT
Jason A. KleinReal Estate LawStamford, CT
Kevin PalumberiReal Estate LawStamford, CT
Stephanie E. CummingsReal Estate LawWaterbury, CT
Stephanie E. CummingsTrusts and EstatesWaterbury, CT
Janie McDermottTrusts and EstatesWaterbury, CT