Stamford conducted real property tax revaluations in 2022:

The revaluation in Stamford will fix a property owner’s tax assessment for the next five years beginning with the October 1, 2022 grand list, which reflects the real property taxes due on July 1, 2023.

Most property owners should have received a preliminary notice of assessment change from the Stamford Assessor’s Office and had an opportunity to schedule a meeting with the revaluation company to ask questions about their valuation and to provide additional data they feel is necessary.

If a property owner believes they are the subject of an unfair and/or excessive property tax assessment, they must deliver a completed application for appeal with the Stamford Board of Assessment Appeals on or before February 17, 2023.

The experienced attorneys at Carmody’s Tax Assessment and Valuation Appeals group are available to discuss your concerns and assist with any real property tax revaluation informal meeting or appeals. For more information, please contact your Carmody contact or one of the following attorneys:

Liam S. Burke

Stephen J. Conover

Gary S. Klein

Marc J. Kurzman