Alternative Dispute Resolution


Focused on alternatives

Alternative approaches to dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration, are an important part of the representation that Carmody provides. We spend time with clients to uncover the “root of the problem” to understand their issues and how the dispute affects their business or personal lives. With this approach, we find creative and sensible solutions that might not be obtainable in the more formal setting of a trial.

  • Mediation. Carmody assists clients in reaching creative solutions to their disputes in the context of mediation sessions. A focus on the interests – instead of the positions – of the parties, often reveals solutions otherwise not obtainable in a formal trial. In addition to representing clients in mediation sessions, several of our attorneys are trained mediators who help others resolve their disputes.
  • Arbitration. Carmody is well-versed in the various procedures that apply to arbitrations. Several of our attorneys regularly serve as arbitrators selected by other law firms and their clients and are on state and national panels of arbitrators.

Carmody Law is ready to assist you in your alternative dispute resolution law service needs. Please contact us at one of our convenient Connecticut offices to get started with a consultation today!



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