Beginning as early as October 1, 2012, owners and operators of certain underground storage tanks (USTs) must have environmental insurance or its equivalent to cover the cost of clean-up plus third party claims for property damage and personal injury caused by leaks from those tanks.

The October 1, 2012 deadline applies to owners and operators of USTs located at 6 or more separate parcels of land. Municipalities and owners and operators of USTs located at 5 or fewer properties have until October 1, 2013 to obtain insurance or its equivalent.

This financial assurance requirement applies to gasoline and diesel USTs, hazardous substance USTs, non-hazardous waste oil USTs, and other underground USTs regulated under the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies ยง22a-449(d)-101 et seq.

Financial assurance is not required for on-site heating oil, hazardous waste tanks, hydraulic lift and electrical lift tanks and residential tanks.

For most UST owners and operators, $1 million in coverage is required. The financial assurance requirement can be satisfied by pollution liability policies, self-insurance for high net worth businesses (>$10 million), surety bonds, guarantees, letters of credit or a combination of methods.

Public Act 12-01, which established the above deadlines for financial assurance, also made sweeping changes to the Connecticut Underground Storage Tank Petroleum Clean-up Account, including the enactment of deadlines for filing claims.


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