Stamford Hospital is in the midst of a $450 million, multi-year project aimed at rebuilding the entire main campus. The centerpiece of the new Hospital is the approximately 600,000 square foot, 11-story main building which will contain a new emergency department, operating rooms, heart and vascular institute as well as complete replacement of the 305 hospital beds.  A new medical office building has also been approved and is nearing the construction phase, and the new central utility plant is completed and online.  In addition to this, the entire campus will have new parking, landscaping, walkways, lighting, and will be fully integrated within the surrounding community.  Completion of the project is expected in 2016.

CTSH has provided all of the transactional real estate and land use approvals in connection with the project.  Specifically, beginning in 2008, we represented the Hospital in the negotiation and ultimate closings of a series of property swaps with many nearby neighbors.  This involved the discontinuance of three city streets and the purchase of approximately 10 acres of private land, allowing the Hospital campus to grow from 20 acres to 30 acres.  It also involved a series of complicated land swaps with the Stamford Housing Authority which allowed the Housing Authority to demolish aged and dated housing towers known as Vidal Court and replace them with a new and modern low- and mid-rise community.