Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets


guardians of your brand

Carmody’s Intellectual Property group handles all types of trademark, copyright and trade secret matters. An effective trademark strategy is not simply a matter of selecting the right mark, but also requires ongoing maintenance and monitoring in the form of protection and policing of trademarks. We offer a full range of legal services related to searching, registering and licensing trademarks and copyrights. Each year, we file and maintain hundreds of trademark and copyright registrations and applications in the U.S. We also help clients enforce and challenge trademark rights, advising clients in trade dress and unfair competition, false advertising, disputes regarding publishing rights, and piracy.

We assist clients in acquiring and licensing copyrights, and enforcing and defending those rights. Our attorneys counsel clients on national and international copyright infringement issues, assignments of rights, work-for-hire agreements, ownership disputes, branding issues, licensing and IP audits.

Safeguarding Your “Secret Sauce”

Trade secret protection involves protecting ideas simply by keeping them secret. However, in today’s Information Age, it is increasingly more difficult to keep proprietary information confidential. We help clients establish trade secrets strategies involving the identification, protection, and licensing of trade secrets. We also assist clients in responding to threats to their trade secrets and to claims of misappropriations by others, both inside or outside the courtroom.


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