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Carmody has a long history of representing the energy industry in all phases of project development including general real estate matters, site selection, construction, land use, environmental assessment, permitting and licensing.

This has included extensive work on right of way acquisition for major electric and gas transmission projects, property purchases and leasing, the defense of property rights, condemnations, divestitures, mortgage indentures, encroachments, and issues related to utility easements. The firm’s public utility work has led to a strong knowledge base in utility acquisition, including eminent domain proceedings and conservation easements and similar protective set-asides.

Our experience includes:

  • Gas Pipeline Expansion. Supported the right-of-way acquisition team in the Connecticut portion of the expansion of numerous segments of interstate natural gas pipelines, along with the development of new compressor stations and new meter stations and major modifications of existing stations (our services also included the siting and related regulatory work for that installation).
  • Infrastructure Replacement. Participated in the upgrading and/or relocation of existing electric system infrastructure, primarily related title work and easement negotiation, but also prosecuting condemnations.
  • Substations. Performed real estate (and siting) work for new and expanded electrical substations, including host municipal arrangements.
  • New Transmissions. Worked to develop and implement routes for new electric transmissions lines, including the acquisition of required overhead and underground rights and the negotiation of appropriate arrangements with owners of co-located infrastructure (e.g., gas pipelines, governmental entities.
  • Hydroelectric Land Management. Assisted in the development of land management policies and enforcement of land rights within federal project boundaries in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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